Charginig  Stations

To reduce fossil fuel consumption and to prevent potential energy crises that may occur in the future, high-efficiency automobiles operating with electrical energy are being developed today. Considering the polluted gases, sounds, and heat created by the vehicles in the traffic, electric cars become an indispensable option. The widespread use of electric vehicles also increases the demand for charging stations. Therefore, charging stations appear as a requirement to meet the energy needs of electric vehicles. Cost reductions in renewable energy production make electricity an attractive low-cost fuel for the transportation industry. Considering that the sales of electric vehicles are increasing every year, it’s predicted that the need for DC charging stations will rise over time. REO aims to invest in charging stations with its unique project. REO makes charging stations more advantageous by combining them with blockchain. At the charging stations, payment will be made both in local currency and REO. Payments will always be 3-10% cheaper to encourage payments with REO. This situation creates a shopping platform in the real world for REO.